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Specialised in Supply of Ingersoll Rand / Dresser Rand Spares Specialised in Supply of Ingersoll Rand / Dresser Rand Spares
Specialised in Supply of Accessories for IR and DR make Air / Gas Compressors Specialised in Supply of Accessories for IR & DR make Air / Gas Compressors
Supplying Services for IR and DR Compressors on Annual and Immediate basis Supplying Services for IR & DR Compressors on Annual & Immediate basis

We have expertise in many compressor spares. Quality supply is our motto. Few of them are mentioned below


1. Port Plates Frame & Outer :

These Port Plates are specially made & designed for the continues, strengthful & smooth operation of the Inlet & Delivery Valves. These Port Plates are completely tested and approved for such hard use in high temperature and continues working conditions.

Product Name : PORT PLATES

Cross Head, Pins and Bushings

2. Cross Head, Pins & Bushings :

These Cross Heads are specially prepared to maintain the crank case oil pressure thoroughly. The pins and bushings are also designed for such special purpose with properly alignment and proper dimensions to maintain the oil pressure in all the critical areas of Crank Shaft, body & Connecting Rod.

Cross Head, Pins and Bushings
Product Name : CROSS HEADS & PINS

Outer Heads

3. Outer Heads :

Outer heads are one of the very important part of the air / gas Compressor. These are the Head of compressor which are used to create maximum efficiency in suction and discharge of air / gas. The inlet & delivery valves are also placed in these heads to produce proper compressed air / gas resulting in maximum production of compressed air / gas.

Outer Heads
Product Name : OUTER HEADS

Inlet and Delivery Valves

4. Inlet & Delivery Valves:

The Inlet and Discharge valves are the most important part of the compressors. These are also called as the heart of compressor. The main objective of the valves is to intake maximum air from the atmosphere and deliver the same after compression and pressurise it upto it’s highest capacity to maintain the air requirement of the plant.

Inlet and Delivery Valves
Product Name : VALVES NL & LUB

Valve Plates / Plate Seats

5. Valve Plates / Plate Seats:

The Valve plates are the base of any valve (inlet / deliver). These plates are specially made up of hardening material to avoid the chances of valve passing in any circumstances. The maximum load of the compressor is on the valves and indirectly this load is being maintained by Valve Plates / Plate Seats.

Valve Plates / Plate Seats

Piston rods

6. Piston rods:

The Piston rods are used to make a completion of the stroke of compressor. These rods are fixed with the pistons and the gland packing cases, seals & Oil Wiper Rings are also placed on such rods to maintain the air / gas pressure up to it’s extent. These rods are made up of special material with proper alignment to maintain the air / gas pressure up to the gland packing areas.

Piston rods
Product Name : PISTON RODS


7. Pistons:

The pistons are one of the major functioning spares of compressor. The function of these pistons is to complete the cycle of valves in their intake as well as delivery with the support of piston & rider rings. The working of pistons & rings take place in cylinders to produce the compressed air / gas and maintain the same air / gas pressure as per the requirement and capacity of compressor.

Product Name : PISTONS

Connecting Rods

8. Connecting Rods:

These Connecting rods are used to align the piston’s direction to avoid the breakdown / damage chances. One of the main objective of these rods is to prevent the piston rings by directing the piston in a proper aligned way resulting in less load at pistons as well as rings and all other spares.

Connecting Rods

Air End Complete

9. Air End Complete:

The Air End consists of all the major functional spares of compressor. It doesn’t includes any stationary parts and the replacement of same results in very important advantages such as
A)  Spare parts consumption low.
B)  Compressor’s life will be increased.
C)  Electrical power should be saved.
D)  Discharge air temperature should be maintained.
E)  Air production capacity would be increased.
F)  Compressor’s efficiency would be increased.
G)  No air pressure droppage.

Air End Complete
Product Name : AIR END

Air Filters

10. Air Filters:

The Air Filters are used to filter the atmospheric air before it appeals to the compressor’s valve. These filters are made up of special quality material to give it’s best life supporting the inlet valves in taking the air from atmosphere.

Air Filters


11. Cylinders:

The cylinders are one of the major spare of the compressors. These cylinders are used to pressurize the normal air / gas to compressed air / gas with the help of piston and rings. These cylinders are specially designed with imported type high quality sleeves to maintain the air / gas pressure and the temperature of compressor.

Product Name : CYLINDERS

Crank shafts

12. Crank shafts:

The complete load of compressors is maintained by the crank shafts. These are one of the very important & major parts of the compressor. These are the base of compressor which are specially made to work in highly loaded & continues running conditions. These are of specially design to maintain the oil pressure as well as lubrication system of the compressor.

Crank shafts
Product Name : CRANK SHAFTS

Inter-Coolers & After-Coolers

13. Inter-Coolers & After-Coolers:

The Intercoolers & aftercoolers are used to decrease the temperature of compressed air before delivering it to the processed area. These are specially designed and tested in all the working conditions to produce the maximum cooling with the help of cold water. The same can also be delivered / made as per your requirement / application.

Inter-Coolers & After-Coolers
Product Name : INTERCOOLER


14. Gaskets:

These gaskets are specially made for the compressor’s purpose to avoid the leakage of air as well as water from the compressor’s air / gas / water jackets. These gaskets are particularly made for the continues running of compressors in very rough conditions such as high temperature, continues loaded position etc.

Product Name : GASKETS

Air Reciever Tanks

15. Air Reciever Tanks:

The Air receiver Tanks are used to store the compressed air and maintain the air pressure as per the applications of plant / process areas. These are also made up of high quality material and are also can be made as per your requirement.

Air Reciever Tanks

Gland Packing seals & Oil wiper Rings

16. Gland Packing seals & Oil wiper Rings:

These gland packing seals are used to maintain the compressed air / gas pressure up to gland packing areas only. Generally these are placed in gland packing cases installed at piston rods. These are specially made of high quality material for continues running in high temperature conditions also. The Oil Wiper rings are used to maintain the oil pressure up to it’s extent only. These rings are very helpful in stopping the spreading of oil in the compressor. These are specially designed to stop the oil in limited areas helping the production of 100% non lubricated compressed air.

Gland Packing seals & Oil wiper Rings

Piston Rings & Rider Rings

17. Piston Rings & Rider Rings:

These piston rings are made up of special imported material to maintain the air / gas pressure and compress the air / gas to maintain the life of piston and cylinder by giving it’s maximum life with great performance. These rider rings are also made of high quality imported material to maintain the minimum clearance between piston & cylinder resulting in long life of the same.

Piston Rings & Rider Rings

Spacer Plates

18. Spacer Plates:

These plates are used between the Outer Heads & cylinders of compressors. The valves are placed on these plates to maintain the air pressure in compressor as well as receiver tank. These are very helpful in maintaining the air pressure by supporting the air cycle between valves and air galleries.

Spacer Plates

M.B. Housings

19. M.B. Housings:

The Main Bearing Housings are the basic support of crank shaft which helps in the completion of oil pressure cycle. The oil pump is also located in these housings to produce the proper oil pressure in crank case body areas, connecting rod areas as well as cross head areas. These are also specially designed to run in maximum loaded conditions as the complete load of the compressor is maintained by crank shaft & the shaft is supported by these housings.

M.B. Housings
Product Name : MAIN BEARING

Frame Heads

20. Frame Heads:

The basic function of the Frame Heads are to support the valves in their function upto it's maximum extent i.e. taking air from the atmosphere & deliver the compressed air / gas to the receiver tank. The frame head also helps in maintaining the temperature of air / gas compressor as the cooling water cycle is incomplete without the support of frame head water galleries. These are specially designed to deliver the maximum air / gas in valves area and maintain the temperature of compressor by the water circulation.

Product Name : FRAME HEADS

Distance Pieces

21. Distance Pieces :

The Distance Pieces are the main part of compressor body. These also play a very important role in completion of the stroke of compressor. The gland packing cases and oil stuffing boxes are also installed in these pieces along with their respective rings. The air and oil departments are also separated with the help of these pieces. These are made up of special material to avoid the chances of body vibrations / breakages in all the hard working conditions.


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